Valentine's Love Bundle

Valentine's Love Bundle

Love & Marriage Valentine's Bundle

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The Valentine's Love Bundle includes 3 bottles each of the 2015 Marriage and 2015 Amore! The bundle price is 10% off of the retail price and receive $15 flat rate shipping by entering the code "Love" at checkout!



2015 Marriage-Vintage Number 14 of Our Beloved Bordeaux Blend

Winemaker Sam Baxter and Angela Yates celebrated their wedding reception at the Terra Valentine Winery in 2003.  That same year Sam crafted a stunning bordeaux blend from the 2001 vintage.  2001 was an extraordinary year and the blend showcased Sam's favorite barrels in the cellar.  As the wine aged in barrel without a name, the matrimonial buzz around the winery increased until the wedding coencided perfecty with the naming of the new wine.  Since the first release Terra Valentine Marriage has been adored by critics and anticipated by our wine club members.  Every year the blend is a little different but Sam always creates a union between his favorite Spring Mountain barrels for this very special wine.  For 2015 the blend is 42% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 23% Cabernet Franc.  4 barrels produced.

"Vibrant aromas of black currant, mulberry, and crème de cassis mingled with cedar, clove, earth and sage.  Juicy, soft and lush black fruits carry into the bright and savory mid palate.  Ripe flavors of black cherry linger on the classy, elegant finish. The wine benefits greatly from 30 minutes of decanting"  Sam Baxter, January 2019

2015 Amore--Vintage number 13 of Our Napa Valley Version of the Super Tuscan

Tuscany Italy 1971, Antinori produced Tignanello, a Sangiovese-heavy blend which also included Bordeaux varietals. The reaction to Tignanello had a profound impact on winemaking in the region, and during the next decade a number of Tuscan wineries began experimenting with their own Super Tuscans. Broadly speaking, this meant incorporating other varietals into their Sangiovese based wines.  Since 2002 we have crafted a Napa Valley version of the Super Tuscan.  We source the Sangiovese from the Antinori vineyard atop Atlas Peak.  Planted in the early 1990's to the Sangiovese Grosso clone from cuttings taken from Antinori's own vinyeards in Montalcino. The vines are located on steep, rocky slopes and the Sangiovese produced is intensely concentrated.  For the 2015 vintage of Amore, the blend is 89% Sangiovese and  11% Wurtele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.  10 barrels produced.