Back To School 2023 Six

Back To School 2023 Six

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Two of each of the following wines, 2016 Pinot Noir, 2017 Fountaingrove, & 2015 Amore

2016 Russian River Pinot Noir known for its rich and fruity palate, that embodies the vibrant essence of summer in every sip. Bursting with luscious notes of ripe blackberries, juicy plums, and a hint of vanilla, this wine is a true delight for your palate. Its velvety texture and balanced acidity make it a perfect match for grilled meats, gourmet burgers, or even a gourmet charcuterie board during your summer gatherings.

Our 2017 Fountaingrove Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect summer sipper known for its leaner style. Tasting notes of red Fruits, plum, current, mingled with spice, caramel, and balanced minerality. It has a rich, soft mid pallet, with notes of coco, and bright acid, which makes it one of our more intellectual cabernets. Closer to the coast than Spring Mountain Ranch, the Fountaingrove Cabernet shows off older world cabernet characteristics. Holds onto the nuance and elegance that mountain cabernet can display. This juicy Cabernet will pair well with filet Mignon, or baked Portobello Mushrooms!

For those seeking a bold, yet elegant companion for their festivities, our 2015 Amore is the ultimate choice.  The wine shows increased concentration of flavors with wonderful balance and round textures. This wine exhibits deep layers of black currant, dark chocolate, and an intriguing hint of espresso. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support of our wines, by offering 25% savings on orders of 6 + bottles of 2015 Amore, 2016 Russian River Pinot Noir & 2017 Fountaingrove Cabernet Sauvignon + $20 ground shipping. Only a limited number of these cases remain in our library. Don't miss out!