Terra Valentine


Terra Valentine is represented nationally by the San Francisco Wine Exchange.
SFWE, founded in 1975, is the oldest US-based, independent wine marketing company.  Its headquarters are in San Francisco at 620 Folsom Street.

The company began by handling the national sales of family owned, super premium California wineries from different appellations in California.  Over time, its focus expanded to Washington State and 3 different appellations in New Zealand, 3 in Argentina and all the wines of the Gonzalez Byass family (founded in 1835) in Spain.

Founder-owner Hugh Thacher works closely with Phil Nugent, the national sales manager, and Jim Faber, Vice President, who manages the support team in the local office.  Collectively, they oversee a sales and distribution network of 9 regional employees, 20 regional brokers and more than 150 wholesalers across the country.

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