Jackson Family Wines Purchases Acclaimed Spring Mountain District Estate

In 1996 we purchased the 35-acre Wurtele Vineyard on Spring Mountain and founded Terra Valentine. In 1999 we purchased the Yverdon Vineyard (also on Spring Mountain), and we have spent the last 14 years redeveloping this historic vineyard as well as continuing to refine the winery and its operations.

Effective December 20, 2013, we have sold the Yverdon Vineyard and the winery to Jackson Family Wines. We will retain ownership of the Wurtele Vineyard and Terra Valentine: we will be relocating the production of Terra Valentine wines to a facility in St. Helena. At the same time we are excited to announce that Sam Baxter has become the Proprietor and President of Terra Valentine. Since 1999, Sam has been crafting wines for Terra Valentine from the Wurtele and Yverdon estate vineyards. We feel that Sam’s wines have been the trademark of Terra Valentine since the beginning and are thrilled about the opportunity for Sam to build on our success into the future. Sam will be joined by Tracy Smith who will assume to role of General Manager. After 3 years of managing our direct to consumer sales, she will continue to be the key contact to service all of our customers needs.

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